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Online bible study:

'Studie about the sanctuary'

tuesday evenings
21.00 - 21.45 hour

15 january 2022 - 31 january 2023

learn about the tabarnacle, learn about gods plan of salvation

  The sanctuary is Gods story in pictures, symbols and images about Gods plan of salvation !

•  Understand the message of the sanctuary and see how it describes the person and work of Jezus Christ!

•   Discover how the language of the sanctuary is found in the New Testament and that a knowledge of the sanctuary is helpful to understand the New Testament

The sanctuary is more than its layout and furniture

  Most studies limit themselves to the layout and furniture of the sanctuary. This study will also look at the offerings, priesthood, daily- and yearly services, and much more.

  Study about the Sanctuary is an in depth study that will enrich the way you’ll read the Bible.

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